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Mumunsa Zen Center Poeple

Head Monk: Suk Doe-Mahn s'nim

Doe-Mahn s'nim is a Bhikku who follows Korean Buddhism of the Jogye Order. He graduated from Dongkuk University in Korea, majoring in Buddhist art. He also studied the history of Buddhist arts in graduate school. He attended Tae-Chung College in a Tokyo Buddhist institute prior to coming to America. He also attended numerous classes for Computer Science at Oakland Community College.

Presently, he is serving not only as the resident minister of the Center, but also as a Dharma instructor for the Korean Buddhist Students Association at Michigan State University.


Mumunsa Zen Center has two organizations: Kwan-um-hoi and Sun-heing-hoi.

This is a group of temple members, who are in charge of handling daily activities at the temple. The organizational structure consists of with the head of the group, volunteering members, and the resident minister.

This is an organization of temple members, which is in charge of events for members and their families. Their services extended to include helping new-comers from Korea, baby-sitting during temple services and a teaching program for kids.


A member who has completed the required ten-thousand-bows awards a precept and she/he assigns a Buddhist name. There are over fifty awarded members in the temple at this time.


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