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Korean Website
  • Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism (

    Korean Buddhism includes 28 sects officially, and all sects are joined in the Assembly of the Council of Buddhist Orders. Among the 28 orders, the Jogye Order is the largest, and it has kept the history and practicing tradition pure for 1600 years. There are over 2, 000 temples and numerous small heritages across the nation belonging to the Jogye Order.

  • Bureau of Missionary Activities (

    The Bureau of Missionary Activities is in charge of propagating Buddhism. There is a propagation section and a propagation research section.

  • Bulgyo-Shinmun (

    The Jogye Order's official newspaper covers news, information and articles.

  • Bubpo-Shinmun (

    This is one of periodicals covering Dharma discourses, news and Buddhist activities for Korean Buddhists.

  • Buddhist Broadcasting System (

    This broadcasting service has been supporting Dharma teachings, assisting people to attain the Bodhi.

  • Dongguk University (

    Affiliated to the Jogye Order, the University has been a leading center for the research on the Korean Buddhism.

  • Samgha Sukrim in Dongkuk University (

    This organization is an assembly of Buddhist monks at Dongguk University.

  • Sachal Network (

    This web site serves to feed information of Korean Buddhist Temples. It also provides information of Buddhist organizations and their activities.

  • Buddha Shopping Center (

    Online shopping for goods, gifts, and artifacts for Buddhist.

Temple Websites in Korea
  • Yangsan Tongdosa Temple (

    A shrine dedicated to the jewel of Buddha, this temple is known as the temple without a Buddha Statue. The web site introduces the history of the shrine, temple buildings, small heritages, Dharma paints, Dharma teachings, and news at the temple.

  • Hapchun Haeinsa Temple (

    This temple is the second of the three jewels temples, representing the teaching Dharma. The temple is known not only as a principal temple for teaching Avatamsaka Sutra(Hwa-Um Kyung), but possesses the archives of the Grand Holly Eight-Thousand scriptures (Palman Dae Jang Kyung). The web site introduces the history of the shrine, temple buildings, and Dharma teachings. A video show is available to understand the wooden panels of the scripture and its illustration.
    Link to the website of the Research Institute of the Tripitaka Koreana (RITK) is provided.

  • Soonchun Songgwangsa Temple (

    The temple of Sangha is the third of the three jewels temples, representing the Buddha's followers, i.e.: the monks and laity. The web site introduces its facilities, history of Jogye Order, and biography of great modern patriarchs. Visiting cyber Dharma hall is available, and internet Dharma talk is also accessible.

  • Busan Beomeosa Temple (

    The temple is the14th head of Jogye Order and one of the three major shrines in South-east Korea. The site provides an illustration of the history of the temple, buildings and surroundings, and Dharma teaching.

  • Seoul Jogyesa Temple (

    The temple is a center of the largest sect of Korean Buddhism. Jogye Order is housed and has its headquarter in the compound. The site introduces not only the history of the temple, but also history of Jogye Order in Korea.

  • Kilsangsa Temple (

    Residing Bupchung s'nim, a headquarter of "Pure-life Campaign" is located in the temple. The activities of the campaign is available in this site. Dharma talk by s'nims is also available.

  • Sunhakwon (

    This foundation was established by the virtue of the great Zen masters Namchun, Dobong and Seokdu in 1921. This foundation emphasizes the preservation of the traditional Korean Buddhism. By visiting the site, monthly magazine "Sunwon" is available to read.

Temple Websites in the US
  • Chicago Bultasa Temple (

    The site is available both in Korean and in English. It introduces the Dharma activities and information at the temple. Audio files of basic Buddhist chanting is also available.

  • Hanmaum Zen Center of New York (

    The site introduces a history and the activities of the Hanmaum Zen Center of New York temple.

  • Bulkwangsa Temple in New York (

    The site posts introduction of the temple, activities and the Zen news.

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