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Welcome to Mumunsa Zen Center

The Center is one of the Zen organizations that teach the Korean Buddhism of Jogye order. It is located north of the Detroit, and it has served as the sole place to practice Korean Buddhism in the region. This region includes Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Windsor, Canada.

The Center is open to the public for the weekly Dharma meetings, Zen meditation sessions, and Praying. This web site is designed to assist not only people who are interested in local Buddhist organization, but also to provide information in assisting people in global activities in Korean Buddhism.

Blessed days and we wish Bodhi to you all.


The schedule for Prayers in 2023 has been updated. (1/17/2023)


   Schedule for Prayer in 2023

Jung-cho kido
(New Year's Celebration)
1/22- 1/29 (1 week)
Cho-pa-il kido
(Buddha's Birthday)
5/21 - 5/28 (1 week)
Chil-sung kido
(Prayer for Children)
8/20 (11:00 am)
Baik-joong kido
(Prayer for Ancestors)
8/27 (11:00 am)
Chu-suk kido
(Harvest Moon Celebration)
9/24 (11:00 am)
Dong-Gi kido
(Beginning of Winter)

12/17 (11:00 am)

Last updated on 4/16/2022
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